Monday, 2 January 2017

Summer Activities

It is summer here in New Zealand but sadly it is raining today. So I've decided to come up with different ways to have fun this summer on hot sunny day.

The first idea I have is to go swimming, whether that's at your own pool, at the public pools, at the beach or in a lake. Swimming is a great way to keep cool during these hot months, also swimming is a great way to keep fit when running makes you too hot and sweaty. You could also invite a bunch of friends around, that way you can hang out, stay cool and have a great time.

Here in New Zealand Barbecue's are a summer must have. This is a great way to enjoy the warm weather and spend time with the people you love. You can ask your friends and family to all bring a salad, a meat pack or drinks, that way it's affordable for you. While your waiting for the meat to cook you can organise games to keep people entertained, some ideas for this can be backyard cricket or a water fight.

Picnics are a great way to get children outside and they are a perfect date idea. All you need is a basket of food, drinks and a blanket. A great place to have a picnic is at the park, at the local gardens or even in your backyard.

During the summer you will probably spend a lot of time hanging out with friends and catching up with family, but sometimes it's nice to take some time for yourself. So go for a walk or a bike ride alone. Think about you and your life. Just find some time to do something that makes you smile, you could try something completely new and find out you love it. you never know.

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