Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Nail Care


Growing your nails to be long can be hard, but keeping them at that length can be even harder. I found it really hard to grow my nails long because my nails were quite brittle and I am very hands on seeing as I own a horse so they were constantly breaking. Here are some tips for getting your nails long and strong.

1) Cuticle oil
One of the most important tips I have to use a cuticle oil. I use the Manicare Cuticle Therapy. Cuticle oils help it condition and moisturise dry cuticles which ends up helping your nails to grow strong. All you have to do is apply a drop of oil to each cuticle and massage it in for 30 seconds every night.
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2) Polish
By keeping a layer of polish over you nails you are adding extra layer of strength so you nails are less likely to break. This scan also help if you have brittle nails that end up peeling. At the moment I'm wearing the Bourjois Paris 1 Second Gel polish, this polish is really opaque and it has a square brush which make application really easy. On top of that I have the O.P.I Rapidry top coat.
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3) Moisturise
 I thinks it's good to moisturise your hands as well. When you do this you are moisturising your cuticles and the skin around your nail which will help stop hangnails. I use Vaseline intensive care.
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4) Be aware
My fourth tips is be aware of what you are using your nails for and think about whether what you are doing can damage them or put them at risk of breaking. Some things to look out are things like picking at things, opening cans or taking a key off a key ring.

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