Monday, 16 January 2017

DIY Floating picture

The other day I was feeling crafty but I didn't know what I should do. I looked through Pinterest and Google but I didn't find any ideas that jumped out at me so I decided to put some things together. Here is the result.

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Feel free to use a photo or another picture instead if you prefer, but to find out how I made this keep reading.

First I started with a square piece of paper that is smaller than my frame. Then I taped down a triangle in the middle of the paper (you can use any shape you like).
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I chose four main colours and I started to paint around the edges of the triangle. I overlapped the colours and made the strokes different lengths and widths.
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After the paint had dried I took some silver spray paint and sprayed some of the edges of the paper. I also let the paint drip a bit so it left little drops of silver.
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Then I carefully pulled the tape and triangle off the page so I could fill in the spaces where the tape was.
Displaying 20170116_184225_resized.jpgDisplaying 20170116_184401_resized.jpg
Next I used my stamp set to add the phrase "Don't stop" into the middle of the triangle.
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The next step was the frame so I took an old frame and applied two coats of silver spray paint to match the silver patches on the picture.
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After it was dry I measured the sides so I could divide them into thirds so I knew where to place the string. I cut four pieces of string so that they could reach each side of the frame. I then attached the string with hot glue.
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To attach the picture I added hot glue on the strings where I wanted the picture to sit.
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That's the finished product. If you created this let me know how it went and follow my blog for more crafts and advice.

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