Sunday, 8 January 2017

Journaling: Equipment and inspiration

I've been keeping a journal for the past couple of months and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The thing I love most about journaling is that it is completely personal, I can write about what ever I want and I will be able to look back on it when I am older and see what I used to be like. My journal is like a review of my life, I write about my day, how I'm feeling, my idea's etc. Jouranling is a great way to clear the mind and stay organised because if there is something that's bugging you, you can just write about it and get it off your chest. A journal is also a great place to keep to do lists because you can flag it and then come back to it without having a loose piece of paper lying around.

When I was younger I made various attempts of keeping a journal but I never stuck to it because I was never happy with how it looked. I always ended up ripping out pages and eventually I just threw the whole thing away. So when I started my current journal I wrote down a few promises to myself. I promised to never rip out a page even if I'm not happy with it, to try and write regularly, and to make my journal as pretty as possible. I think that making an effort to make my journal look appealing really helps me keep my other two promises because whenever I open my journal it looks fun and creative.
Here is some of the things I use to decorate my journal:

Displaying 20170109_170106_resized.jpg

  • Washi tape 
  • Sticker letters
  • High lighters
  • Stickers
  • String 
  • Tags
Some days are really exciting and I will just write about my day but other days I sit down and have no idea what to write about, so I will usually look at my journal ideas page for inspiration. Most of the ideas are things about me that I will be able to look back on when I am older. If you are looking for some ideas, here are some that I have on my list.
  • Holiday bucket list - write down what you want to do during the holidays
  • A list of your fears
  • Write about your pet peeves
  • Life goals
  • Wishes
  • Current mood
  • A list of things to do when bored - (check out my post on DIY bored jar for ideas)
  • Things that make you happy 
So there are a few ideas for starting your journal and how to decorate it.

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