Monday, 13 February 2017

School Style Tips

Style tip 1: Clothes
When you are at school you want to wear something that is practical, comfy and trendy. In summer try to look for cute summery tops that you won't get too hot in, you could pair your top with a skirt or shorts. Dresses are also a nice way to go as they are easy to throw on and you won't overheat in them.
Try wearing some bright colours to get in the summer spirit and cool you down. Pair any outfit with some sandals or flats.

During winter look for large comfy jumpers that you can throw on with your favourite pair of jeans. T-shirts are great to wear under hoodies and they won't be too bulky. If you are like me and you really feel the cold put a thermal under your shirt and that will help to keep the heat in. If you are allowed beanies at your school they are a great way to keep your body heat in and they can cover up a bad hair day. Shoe wise, sneakers or chunky boots will go with anything.

Extra tip: Choose your outfit the night before and lay it out all ready for you in the morning. This will save you a lot of time that you can spend in bed instead.

Style tip 2: Hair
During the warmer months you might want to go for an up-do. This way your hair can be out of your face and off your neck so you don't have to deal with neck sweat. You could try a messy bun, dutch/french braids, a ponytail, space buns or a milk maid braid.

When it starts getting a bit colder you might want your hair down to act like a scarf and make your look more cozy. Half up top knots, halo braids or straightened/curled hair are great styles, or you could just chuck on a beanie and your good to go.

Extra tip: If you know you will be doing intense sport go for something simple and something that will stay off your face, like dutch braids or a ponytail.

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