Sunday, 19 February 2017

School Organisation

I always find it a lot easier to stay focused and keep track of my school work if everything is organised. Here are are a few tips that find really helpful, to keep you organised at school and at home while you are studying.
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The first tip I have is to colour code or highlight your notes. You can do this many different ways. You can only highlight new information so you know what you need to focus on, or you can use different colours for different types of information. For example you could highlight definitions in yellow, quotes in pink and important things to remember in green. This tip is a great way to help your brain process new information.

Flags are kind of similar to colour coding, they are just little plastic, sticky flags that I found at the $2 shop.You can use them to mark different places in your text books and notes, like your homework or relevant information to the work you are doing in class.

I think that keeping a diary on you throughout high school is really important. Using a diary is a great way to keep track of any notices you need to hand in, dates that you need to remember, upcoming events or homework due dates. My diary is by Uniti but you can find notebooks from any stationary shop or dollar store. Try and find a diary that you really like, so that you want to use it.

Your study space is very personal and it should reflect how you learn. More creative people tend to have busier desks. I say busier and not messier because their space is usually filled with things that inspire them to come up with new ideas. Other people may like to have more structured spaces so they know where everything goes and everything has a purpose. But regardless of what type of learner you are I have a few desk necessities. The first item is a calendar although it does the same job as a diary calendars are a great way to clearly see ahead what is coming up and whether you have any homework that is due. You can pin your calendar on the wall above your desk, this way you are saving space and it is clear to see. Another desk necessity is a pin board, I find this a really use piece of stationary because you can pin up any notices or time tables and they won't just get forgotten at the bottom of piles. The next stationary item that is very helpful is a vertical magazine or book stand, these are great space savers and you can easily see your work books so you can't forget them.

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  1. I'm the same, I highlight EVERYTHING! A planner is so important!
    Aleeha xXx